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The main mission of Infotrust is, facilitate business-to-business commerce, and contribute to a better business communication and expansion. As such, it devotes it self to collecting, processing and making commercial information available to its clients in order to help them make the best decisions, minimizing risks and maximizing their business opportunities. To do this, Infotrust created and continues to develop products, services and information solutions for b2b credit management, marketing and provisioning. In this context, a set of data protection practices have been implemented, which are applied to all of is products and services.


The Infotrust database is updated daily using public and private information sources, namely:

  • Ministry of Justice – Registry and Notary Institute
  • Ministry of Justice – Portal Citius
  • Ministry of Justice – General Direction of Administration Justice
  • The companies themselves following proactive/reactive updates, the press, the Internet and other sources.


For Infotrust, the quality of information provided to its costumers it’s the main objective and quality it’s the watchword of Infotrust. In this way, Infotrust channels, all the resources to ensure the updating and accuracy of the data available trough the creation and continuous improvement of its quality control methods throughout the process of collecting and updating information.


When the person in charge of a business entity contacts Infotrust about a possible error or inaccuracy in a information, Infotrust acts immediately in order to rectify the errors or incorrect information as soon as possible.


Infotrust is a company specialized in Credit Risk management consulting services, with the collection and processing of corporate data being its main focus. Restrictions on data collection are reserved only for personal data ( data relating to natural persons ) in accordance with law 67/98 of 26 October.


Infotrust follows technical, contractual and administrative rules to control the data in order to protect them from unauthorized access and disclosure. Infotrust only provides information to entities that accept its general and specific conditions of provision services. Infotrust contractual processes stipulate the valid and authorized use of the information and subject our clients to the laws in force on the country. Infotrust uses duly authorized policies and procedures associated with collection and updating of information, notification and disclosure of data, privacy concerns, among others.Infotrust contractually require all its employees confidentially and non-disclosure of information with entities or persons external to Infotrust. These requirements are clearly identified in Infotrust contractual processes with all its employees, as their professional conduct is the most important to Infotrust, its costumers and all the sources of information.


Generally, a Infotrust visitor does not have to disclose any personally identifiable information such as name, address or phone number. The information that is collected is limited to the “browser” (ex: Internet explorer, Google Chrome) that is being used the domain where the visitor accessed Infotrust ( However, some Infotrust pages require some personal information from you. Whenever this happens, the user will know since they will be asked to complete a form that will be sent to us later. The requested information may include the name, address, email, phone number, among others. Sometimes Infotrust uses an Internet device called a “cookie” to store the “login” and other information on the user’s computer. A “cookie” is a small amount of information that InfotrustGO transfers to the hard disk of the user’s computer. These are intended to make life easier for users and make their navigation more intuitive and efficient. InfotrustGo use these “cookies” to facilitate access and to adapt its services to the needs of its users.

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