Marketing Information

Find your next customers in Infotrust database, one of the largest business information platforms in Portugal.

Our database is updated daily with the inclusion of new companies incorporated as well as with all the changes and new information that appears in the business universe.

Our databases are always pre-verified garanting that only companies with good credit ratings are included.

Custom Databases

Databases developed specifically according to your needs, allowing the identification and segmentation of your target market.

Based on your targeting and fields of data that fits better to your prospects and marketing actions, obtain the databases and company information to find your next customers.


Prospector – New Companies

Do not be left behind and be the first to introduce yourself to newly formed companies, increasing your business opportunities.

By subscribing our service Prospector-New Companies you will receive periodically the most relevant marketing information about new Companies, namely:

  • NIPC
  • Name
  • Office
  • Postal Code
  • County
  • District
  • Social Object
  • Share Capital
  • Constitution Date
  •  CAE – Code of Economic Activity
  • Partners, Managers and/or Administrators

Database Enrichment

Improve the marketing information available to your current and potential customers by crossing with our database of company information, optimizing the segmentation process of your business actions.

Improve the accuracy and integrity of your customer database by conducting a free test of your data.

We offer an analysis of your customer database at no cost where you can evaluate the quality of this updated, so you may decide to enrich your data with Infotrust quality information.

Main Benefits

  • Identifying and removing duplicate records
  • Validation of VAT numbers
  • Update of adresses, Telephones, E-mails, among others
  • Identification of inactive, closed or insolvent companies
  • Enrichment with financial data (Sales, EBIDTA, Employees)

Cloning & Prescreening


Focus your marketing strategies on companies the same characteristics of your best costumers.

The Cloning Infotrust service combines advanced statistical techniques that enables you to segment your prospect databases based on certain features by answering the following questions:

  • Who are my best customers?
  • What are the main features of the bad clients?
  • Who are the clients that respond better to my campaigns?
  • Which is the most appropriated way of sale?



Select the best candidates do be your clients with the database analysis processes of the Prescreening Infotrust service.

It is a database optimization service that combines the definition of a set of credit, risk and fraud rules and policies with specially developed decision engines to identify the companies with the greatest potential for future profitability.



Standard Database

Infotrust marketing Standard Databases contains the information for the generation of leads in marketing and sales actions according to specific and defined marketing segments.


PME Leader and Excellence

Database with the most relevant marketing information of companies classified as Leader and Excellence PME in 2015.

Largest Exporters

Database with the most relevant marketing information of the largest exporting companies in Portugal.

All Infotrust Standard Databases contain the following information fields:

  • Infotrust Number
  • Name
  • Adress
  • Locality
  • Postal Code
  • County
  • District
  • CAE – Economic Classification Activity
  • Telephone Number
  • Fax
  • E-mail
  • Website
  • Constitution Date
  • Capital
  • Nome and role of the principal manager
  • Employees
  • Sales Numbers
  • Legal Form
  • Export/Import
  • Net income
  • Shareholder’s Funds/Equity

Balance sheet Databases

Analyze the best and most current financial information of your main customers or business partners.

Infotrust updates its database daily with thousands of new IES – Simplified Business Information that contains all the financial and accounting information of the companies that publish their accounts annually.

Developed according to your specific needs and targets, we provide databases that, in addition to the most well-known financial statements (balance sheet and income statement) other important information such as:

  • Cash Flow Statements
  • Personnel expenses
  • Details of External Supply and Expenditure Accounts
  • Imparities


Develop your business actions abroad, with the best and most accurate international marketing information.

As a result of our partnership with Creditsafe, the most used business information platform, we provide marketing databases and database enrichment services in more than 30 countries.

We have access to millions of information from companies around the world and we continue to establish new partnerships with international players, increasing our coverage of international information.

Talk to us about your foreign strategy.


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