Specialized Services

Benefit with our high quality services in your key analysis processes, and make safer and more informed decisions.

These are “premium” solutions specially developed to generate more knowledge in order to respond to specific needs in the various areas of business activity, from risk management, credit recovery to sales and marketing.

Investigation Services

The investigation is inscribed in our DNA, being one of our main specializations.

If you need a business services with high quality information and as up to date as possible, request one of our fresh investigation services.

These are processes developed by specialists of Infotrust who seek the most up-to date information of a company, performing crosschecking and confirmation on data with various sources.


Standard Investigation

A fully scoped research business service for the most up-to-date and detailed information of a business entity, including the consultation of the various public sources available, data confirmation contacts, as well as consultations with the surrounding and transactional environment of the company with the purpose of ascertaining their activities and current situation.


Financial Investigation

The research with the objective of update a company with the latest financial information (IES – Simplified Business Information) enabling a rigorous analysis of the latest financial and economic data, including ratios and management indicators.


Litigation Information

Know the assets of your debtors companies and costumers.

For the best results in a judicial debt collection process it is essential to know the assets that can be converted into liquidity.

For that reason, Infotrust provides a research service of excellence focused in obtaining and confirming the patrimonial assets at the public sources.

An essential service for:

  • Decide the viability of legal debt collection process
  • High Risk transactions
  • Doubtful collections and credit recovery processes



Market Studies

Learn more about the behaviors of your customers and the dynamics of the markets where you operate with Infotrust marketing research.

Predicting and studying the market you are, is essential to determine the evolution of your business into the future. Better knowledge of your current and potential customers trough mastery of leading diagnostic tools will enable your company to communicate better, sell more, and achieve the goals that the company purpose.

Infotrust has a Qualified Office that, at your request and supported by one of the largest databases of business entities in Portugal, elaborates the most varied studies.

  • Sectoral Studies
  • Quantitative Studies
  • Qualitative Studies
  • Collection, Analysis and Treatment of Data


Get more knowledge about your business by leveraging the best geographic location intelligence solutions.

Geographic location is one of the main variables in defining business strategies, optimizing processes and even adapting resources to the various characteristics of the market.

Infotrust provides you a specialized geo-referencing consulting business service covering all areas of your company.

By combining geographic information with your business data, business and marketing information, and applying sophisticated mathematical, statistical, and geo analytical models, you’ll be able to gain insight into making the best strategic decisions, adding real value to your business.

Learn more about this service and talk to us about your challenges, so that we can help you transform information into knowledge and therefore added value.



Boost your credit recovery actions with our C-Letters service.

This is an innovative business solution to communicate with your customers by sending a letter of notification in a differentiated and non-traditional format, characterized by the inclusion of the automatism and posting that contribute to a greater credibility and response rate.

Infotrust provides the entire pack of business services, including the management and control of returned items, helping to focus on the core of your business.



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