IDE – Data Integration

Boost your business by integrating Infotrust quality information into your systems and technological applications.

Data integration is a complex process that consists in “cleaning”, conjugation and enrichment of data that already exists in your company, but located in different systems. Combining your information with Infotrust commercial, financial, economic and risk information, enables you to a wider and more complete view of data, to reduce processing costs and increase efficiency. At the end, it will generate greater knowledge of your business.

The advantages of integrating Infotrust information are transverse to all areas of the company, such as:




  • Automatic Credit Decisions
  • Permanent update with negative information (actions, insolvencies, executions)
  • Integration of Rating and Credit Limits
  • More efficient Prospecting
  • Increased business opportunities
  • Identification of important decision makers
  • Real Time access to up to date information
  • Campaigns targeted to the right destinations
  • Cost Reduction

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