Staying permanently informed, contributes to a better tranquility in your business.

Control the risk of your customer portfolio, track your competitors and business partners with Infotrust Monitoring service and business report.

W@RNING – Alert Services

A practical, free and excellent quality service that notifies you via e-mail of all important changes, incidents and events that occur in the companies that you select.


Surveillence and Alert

Infotrust monitoring service of Excellency, which alerts you to all important changes, incidents and events in your companies’ selection, allowing you access to all the details of the alerts and business reports.

Both services imply the monitoring of business information for all changes and events occurring:

  • Corporate Structure – (changes to the social pact, capital and shareholders, managers and directors, dissolutions, among others).
  • Registration of new legal actions, insolvencies, executions.
  • Changes in Credit Risk Indicators (Rating DynamIIC)
  • New financial and economic information (financial statements)

Our Partners


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